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Boys Middle School Football, Boys Varsity Football · Clear Creek High School Varsity Football beat Summit Sr High School 28-20

Friday, September 22, 2017

7:00 PM

Summit Sr High School

Clear Creek High School

Game Recap

The Golddiggers had one of their most exciting games in the history of Clear Creek football on Friday night. As the game started it looked like the Diggers were going to have another dominant performance as the defense started by swarming the Summit Tigers forcing them into a 3rd and long on their 1st possession. They dropped back to pass and Noah Sarria was there to get a 40 yard pick 6. But that was all the Diggers had for about 3 and a half quarters as the bigger Summit Tigers marched up and down the field on the Diggers. While Summit hadn’t put up many points after all it was only 13-6. The Team rallied behind their quarterback Ty Judge who after taking a late hit in the back, came back on the field to take command. They were able to move the ball but were unable to score.
Then in the 4th quarter they began a drive that looked like one of their typical scoring drives from earlier this season. On a 2nd and 1 Ben Sanchez took the ball up the middle to get a first down but as he was tackled and injured on the play the ball came loose and turned into virtually a scoop and score for the Tigers. The Clear Creek Golddiggers looked as if they had no answers except maybe lick their wounds and get ready for the next game down 20-6. But like a script from an inspirational movie the Crowd Erupted With The Cheer “I Believe we will win” led by Pom Pom Caroline Hillman among others. The Offense came alive, rallied by the cheer and not wanting to let teammate Sanchez down. They began marching right down the field scoring the 1st of 3 TD’s in the 4th quarter with a 28 yard pass to Slayton Weber to bring the Diggers within 8. Then the Diggers Defense came alive with Mark Hawkins blasting up the middle on a Hammer call causing a fumble which he recovered to give the Golddiggers great field position again. A few plays later Ty Judge hit Noah Sarria for a 37 yard TD pass. Sarria caught another pass from Judge to get the 2 point conversion tying the game at 20. The Defense came out on the next series more determined than ever. The Tigers felt the pressure from all sides and threw the ball up for grabs. When that happens good things happen for the Diggers. Noah Sarria came up with another big interception. 2 plays later Judge hit Lemishko for a 24 yard TD pass. A 2 point conversion from Judge to Gerding made it 28-20 with the Diggers scoring 22 points in a little less than 5 minutes. The Diggers held onto the lead to win the game. Next week the Golddiggers face off against the #1 team in the state, the Bennett Tigers.

Box Scores

Summit Sr




Clear Creek